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Bird Control London, Pigeon Pest Control Services

Accredited Bird Control in London

Abseiling is an ideal solution for access problems encountered whilst doing pest control work, not only efficient but also cost effective and safe. It offers flexibility and access solutions that ordinary means (scaffolding, cherry pickers, ladders) cannot match.

Scaffolding and cherry pickers cause disproportional disruption and escalate costs. Ladders are not considered a viable access method to do prolonged work (HS Executive).

The best solutions for all bird problems are:

  • Installation of nets of various sizes and shapes
  • Bird decoys
  • Installation of very discreet and almost invisible pin and wire systems

Bird spikes As part of our service we can also offer:

  • Bird fouling and area disinfecting
  • Bird repellent gel removing
  • Removal and safe disposal of nests, fouling carcasses etc.

Our pigeon bird control team are well experienced and professionally trained, to provide high quality, unrivalled flexibility and a very cost effective services in London and UK wide.

Give our company a call to arrange a free survey and a demonstration of available methods of pigeon bird control.

Bird Control Case study

Lloyds Building has access methods available on site. Unfortunately, cradle lifts could not reach into all the areas where pigeons were nesting. Our team of abseilers arrived on Saturday morning to minimize disruption otherwise unavoidable during office hours. The ground below was cordoned off and mild disinfectants were used on all fouled surfaces. By Saturday afternoon all bird fouling and nests have been safely disposed off with help of our contractor specializing in disposal of hazardous waste (pigeon droppings is classified as such). On Sunday all areas indicated as problematic (including all additional areas spotted by our technicians) received appropriate surface treatment and all required bird spikes have been installed. Really satisfactory result to a busy weekend.