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Abseiling & Difficult Access
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Difficult Access Safety Systems

Safety systems for complicated, dangerous and difficult access situations

Roacc Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to provide safe solutions to all kinds of complicated/dangerous/difficult access situations. We are able to offer a range of dependable fixed and mobile safety systems that enable properly instructed personnel to access safely every location on your premises; we also install and design portable and fixed barrier systems to eliminate the risk of a fall related accident.

Our proven services include installation and testing of various difficult access systems such as:

  • Abseil anchor points
  • Eye bolts
  • Horizontal and vertical safety wire systems
  • Horizontal and vertical rail based safety systems
  • Vertical climbing ladder systems
  • Mobile fall arrest and work restraint anchor points
  • Fixed and portable barrier systems

Did you know that current legislation states that:

  • PPE should be inspected every 12 months (BS EN 365)
  • Fall protection systems should be tested every 12 months (BS EN 795)
  • Eyebolts should be tested every 12 months (EN 795 & BS 7883)
  • Abseil Anchors should be tested every 6 months (EN 795 & BS 7883)
  • If work cannot be completed from an existing workplace that is free of fall hazards only trained and properly equipped personnel should be used (WAHR 2005)

Difficult access case study

Roacc was asked to look at safety eyebolts installation on one of Vincent Sq residential blocks, some eyebolts required abseiling to be reached safely as they were designed to be used by window cleaners from within the flats, our technicians accessed all areas safely, tested the eyebolts. All eyebolts are now tagged, certified and safe to use.