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Q : What are safety eyebolts and do we need them on our building?

A: BS 8213 Part 1: 1999 (Windows, doors and roof lights) provides guidance to designers of reach limits in relation to cleaning. Should these limits need to be exceeded then suitable anchorage points in accordance to BS EN 795 : 1997 needs to be provided for a building. This legislation states that there are requirements for the testing of eyebolts which need to be provided for the operative to attach to via a lanyard and harness.

These structural anchorage points need to be installed and tested to BS 7883. Paragraph 156 states that suitable provisions should be made so that windows and skylights can be cleaned safely if they cannot be cleaned from the ground or other surface.

Paragraph 157 states that suitable provision includes the provision of suitable conditions for the future use of mobile access equipment, including ladders up to 9 meters long.?Where a ladder over 6 meters long will be needed, suitable points for tying or fixing the ladder should be provided. Section (d) of the legislation states that suitable, and suitably placed anchorage points for safety harnesses needs to be provided.

Applications - High-level Building Refurbishment, Roofing Maintenance, Local authority buildings, Commercial offices, Tank rooms, Warehouses Horizontal Life Line Systems or Wire Life Line Systems. Horizontal Life Line Systems or Wire Life Line Systems are the answer to providing fall arrest protection where guardrails are not able to be installed or planning considerations dictate the need for a virtually invisible solution.

Certification - All ROACC Ltd systems has been tested successfully to BS EN 795 : 1997 (protection against falls from a height anchor devices - requirements and testing).

Legal Requirement - All fall arrest systems & PPE equipment need regular inspections and re-certification in accordance with BS EN 365 : 1993 Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height.

Q: Do I need a permit for Scaffolding?

A: It is an offence to erect scaffolding on the highway (footway or carriageway) without obtaining a scaffolding permit in advance from the Council. There are specific rules and regulations applicable to the placing of items upon the highway, all of which are designed to ensure both public and user safety. There is an administration fee for the issue of these permits.

Q: Do I need a permit for Rope Access (Abseiling)?

A: No permit is needed for height access by ropes. Due to the fact unlike scaffolding all high level rope access equipment can be taken away when not in use or after a days work.

Q: Setting up time for Scaffolding?

A:Where it is envisaged that obstruction of the highway may occur, additional application may be required for implementation of a temporary road closure. Such applications should be made a minimum of 6 week

Q: Can You do high level painting of the ropes, the scaffolding does not reach/is to awkward to place

A: When looking at a painting task there are often sections located in awkward places or at high level. Rope access provides our abseilers with an ideal work positioning, placing them close to the work area in a comfortable position. This eliminates the reliance on extension poles and ladders, which often compromises the thickness and quality of the coating applied. HSE website states that a third of all reported fall-from-height incidents involve ladders and stepladders - this accounts for (on average) 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries to workers each year. Many of these injuries happen due to inappropriate or incorrect use of the equipment. A ladder, as well as forms of powered access, need a hard flat clear surface in order to perform the operation safely, which is often not available - abseiling is an ideal and extremely safe solution to that problem.

Minimise disruption
Using rope access also means that residents generally do not need to be present when painting individual balconies, thus minimising the interruption to the residents and the work.

Quality Finish
ROACC technicians always advise on the best materials to be used and provide a quality finish in all situations, due to exposure to weather conditions painting will stop in adverse weather whereas many painters work of the scaffolding during rain with nearly 100% air humidity thus reducing the quality and durability of paint coats.

Q: We have some satellite cables installed and need to clip them neatly back to the wall, can you do that?

A: ROACC Ltd have worked alongside communication/tv systems installers to assist with running cables down the walls to individual flats, drilling through the walls and removing old aerials, one of the projects included working at night in North Audley Street removing old and dangerous aerials, the work being carried out at night to minimise disruption

Wires and cabling from tv, phone and internet systems can be neatly clipped back to the walls, fixings drilled, old/redundant cables removed without the necessity of using a cherry picker or any mechanical access platforms.

Q: Do you do high level cleaning?

A: Even with cradle systems in place the budget for window cleaning can be swallowed by maintenance/certification of cradle system. Rope access is simply quicker, more effective and less disruptive way of cleaning the external facades of buildings (windows, cladding, brick staining etc) we often work on buildings that have a cradle system in place - it is either out of order or has an invalid certificate, even when it is fully functional we always choose to use the ropes - simply safer, quicker and easier.

Q: Can you do mastic repairs of the ropes

A: Abseil techniques are extremely cost effective for sealing and repairing crack on windows, concrete or steelwork. Rope access provides ideal work platform for mastic repairs and the necessary flexibility to reach where no cradle system has reached before.

Q: I have some slipped tiles that are causing a leak, need a flashing replaced, ridge tiles blown of the roof, need air vents installed , chimney cowling blown off etc. etc.

A: Abseiling methods are quick and versatile allowing our rope technicians to work on steep roofs, repairing steel/lead flashing and roof tiles. Using roof ladders and rope access techniques for fall protection enables us to reach all roof areas safely and without creating further damage, photographs can be taken of before and after so that You know what has been done.

Q: Can you re-point and reface/replace bricks of the ropes?

A: Abseil access can offer brickwork re-pointing and repairing works long before conventional methods such as scaffolding and powered access like cherry pickers often turn up on site. Bricks can be cut out replaced, vents installed, pointing raked out using portable grinders with dust extractors.

Q: Do you do gutter cleaning, can you replace a damaged section? What about down pipe repairs/ replacing?

A: Abseil access techniques are extremely cost effective when it comes to minor activities such as gutter cleaning and repair. Not only can gutters be cleaned, sections repaired, leaf guards installed, down pipe replaced - we also work with plumbers, while they refit Your bathroom or kitchen and do all the connections internally we connect and run all the pipes externally under their supervision, no scaffold, no cherry picker.

Q: Do You do pest control?

A: We install bird nets of all sizes, spikes, tensioned wires all high level bird proofing works can be done by our technicians safely and effectively , we also clean and disinfect affected areas.